Your Dream Home Journey Begins with Just $1,990 Deposit!

Embark on the path to your dream home with Argent Homes, where we’ve simplified the process, starting with an initial deposit of just $1,990. Here’s an overview of how your vision becomes a reality:


Step 1:

Your Choices, Your Dream

  • Select House Design: Choose from a range of our exquisite standard designs.
  • Select Façade and Façade Upgrades: Customize the look of your home with various facades and optional upgrades.
  • Select Colour Palette: Make your home uniquely yours by selecting from our thoughtfully curated colour palettes.
  • Select Any Upgrades: Enhance your living space with optional upgrades from our extensive list.

Argent Homes Head Office – Behind the Scenes Excellence

Our dedicated team at Argent Homes head office is committed to making your dream a reality. Here’s what happens next:

Ordering and Preparation:

  • Order Survey: Ensuring precision from the very beginning.
  • Order Soil Classification: Essential for a solid foundation.
  • Receive Section 10.7 and 88b from Client: Streamlining the legal aspects.
  • Prepare Architectural Plans: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Prepare Tender: Creating a comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs.
  • Prepare Colour Schedule: Ensuring your chosen palette blends seamlessly.

Step 2:

Tender Presentation and Acceptance

Our experienced team is here to guide you through the next steps:

  • Tender Presentation: Sit back and let our experts present the comprehensive tender to you.
  • Tender Acceptance Fee: A $2,500 Tender Acceptance fee will be invoiced upon your approval.

Argent Homes Head Office – Contract Signing

Now, we’re moving closer to the construction phase:

  • Prepare HIA Contract: We’ll draft and issue a Housing Industry Association (HIA) contract.
  • DocuSign for Contract Signing: Conveniently complete the contract signing process.
  • Issue 5% Deposit: Secure your project with a 5% deposit.

Step 3:

Pre-Construction Process

With the contract signed and deposit paid, we proceed to the pre-construction phase:

  • Pre-Construction and Approvals: Allow an average of 12 weeks for the pre-construction and approvals process to be completed.

Step 4:

Approval and Transition to Construction

  • Yay! We’re Approved: Once we receive your bank commencement letter, we move seamlessly into the construction phase, turning your dream into a brand-new home.

At Argent Homes, we’re dedicated to providing you with a seamless and transparent journey towards your dream home. With our simplified process and commitment to excellence, your new home adventure awaits!

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